Are you ready to learn how to craft persuasive and winning RFP proposals, once and for all? 

 I help talented architects & their marketing teams, who struggle with putting together winning proposals, learn how to persuasively tailor and craft their narratives, so they can win & do more work that they love. I've been on selection committees, and seen every mistake in the book, so let's level the playing field! 

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 5-steps to   Crafting Persuasive  proposals

What others are saying

" Finally, a roadmap that keeps me organized, and lays out 'How to put together strategic proposals,' from a client's perspective."

"I've been taking our design process for granted for over 20 years, and within moments of the first value proposition workshop, my partner of 20 years and I came away with powerful collective values that I asked my staff to pin up on the walls."

"This has increased my confidence in how I put together my proposals, and pushed me to be unapologetic about sharing my values as a small firm"

Get your roadmap based on where you are in your journey 

With just one successful RFP win, you could win 10s to 100s of thousands of dollars in contract value. You could profit over 30K-100K with one big contract. That pays for this program 10X-33X over. Your alternatives may be to go to a conference (3K) , hire a proposal writer, (2K) or do hours long writing workshops (Not solving the problem) but none of those options provide an actionable roadmap you can use for every proposal over and over again. 

I am here for you if you are earlier on in your journey

My introductory course helps  emerging firms, learn more about positioning themselves and helps them strategically team up, and do the work they really want to do through RFPs. 

for Emerging Firms + Founders

Client Centered Marketing 101

The first step to convincing clients of your fee, and value proposition starts with knowing how to articulate your value proposition and  tailor it to the client. You will learn to be persuasive and effective in your communication and networking efforts with prospective clients. (I should know, I'm pitched to all the time!)  

Most emerging firms have A VAGUE notion about RFPs, and where to find them. Knowing the roadmap in advance will help position your firm for success.   The content in this course has been lauded as an efficient and quick mini-branding session to help you organize your messaging.

$495 or 2 Payments of $250

  • Access to first 2 modules : 
  • Articulate and Tune into the Client 
  • 1-2 users 
  • Loom/Email support
  • Self Paced + Access to 2, 90M Live  Live Seminar and Workshop
  • Bonuses:
  • What's an RFP + what are the publicly available resources to find them, and how to best position yourself to team up with larger teams. 
  • Email Scripts to reach out to clients and ask for informational interviews
  • Effective messaging to partner with larger firms and showcase your value add for them so you can team up in the future.

ATLAS Roadmap 
for small firms

Proposal Roadmap

You've been growing your firm, and feel ready to team up and respond to RFPs, and wish to know everything there is to know about how to craft winning proposals.  
The entire ATLAS: Proposal roadmap is taught  to help you craft pitches and proposals with a powerful story.

I've created this course for emerging and small firms that may not have a robust marketing team, or one at all, but are getting into responding to proposals and want to position themselves for success when that moment comes.

Get poised for an early start! 

$1495 or 3 Payments of $500 
  • Access to all  5 modules    
  •   Articulate your Unique Value Proposition, Tune into the Client, Layout your Narrative,               Assemble a Powerful Proposal, Sharpen your Interview Strategy
  • 1-5 users, each addtnl user $100 USD 
  • Loom/Email support
  • Self Paced + Access to 5, 90M Live Seminars and Workshop
  • Bonuses
  • Past Video recordings of all live seminars during my Fall 2021, ATLAS Pilot with award winning Architecture, and Urban Design firms. (Priceless)
  • Go No Go Worksheet  
  • Client Advice on how to nail the Interview                                           

ATLAS Roadmap for mid-large firms 

Proposal Roadmap & Audit 

You didn't work this hard to cultivate marketing strategies for an award winning firm, to be OK with an average RFP win-rate. Getting your technical staff to the table, and crafting proposals from a client's perspective will make all the difference.

This roadmap is reverse engineered by a client for AEC firms to layout a powerful narrative and proposal to win more RFPs. You will also get tips and strategy for nailing your interviews to get over to the finish line.

or 5 payments of $500

  • Access to all 5 modules along with a proposal audit
  • Articulate your Unique Value Proposition, Tune into the Client, Layout your Narrative,                Assemble a Powerful Proposal, Sharpen your Interview Strategy 
  • 1-10 users , each addtnl user $100USD
  • Loom/Email support
  • Self Paced + Access to 5, 90M Live Seminar and Workshop
  • Past Proposal Audit  + What to do differently next time ($1250 Value) 
  • Bonuses: 
  • How to conduct a mini-charrette with your technical staff and collectively define your competitive advantage
  • Past Interview Presentation Audit + What to do differently next time.   ($750 Value)
  • Past Video recordings of all live seminars during my Fall 2021, ATLAS Pilot with award winning Architecture, and Urban Design firms

Upcoming Live Zoom Seminars 

The  best part about this course is the 90 minute long seminars that cycle through each step of ATLAS.  At the top of the hour, I will host a 30 minute breakout room. These zoom breakout rooms will be private for the participants of your firm to workshop it out. 

  • 90 minutes live on Mondays and Thursday at 5:30pm EST 
  • Icebreakers, Tactical Presentations, Q+A, Client Advice ++
  • 30 minute private breakout rooms where Sreoshy will pop in and out to facilitate going through key worksheets .
  • Zoom Seminars will be recorded for those that miss it, and available on the course platform.
 My favorite session was Articulate your value proposition -- this is a mini branding session that I thought brought together the various ideas and statements that staff tend to say or write. As a result of taking this course, I feel we have more clarity and an invigorated energy toward the proposals we do. 

Chief Marketing officer at an award winning AEC firm. 

 It helped to have our marketing team and technical team participate together, and brainstorm how we can all plug in and and be on the same page about what it takes and how we can coordinate our efforts to get to the quality we need.  The breakdown of people, process, projects was really useful, and the eventual synthesis into 3 key things that distinguish us.

Design Manager- Urban Design Studio

Before this course, I was struggling with organizing the RFP response into digestible parts separate from the RFP description. Now, I'm interested in using the storyboard templates, and RFP cheat-sheet process to distill out the most important goals. Today's session highlighted the need for us to better define our own process.

Marketing Director

How this hybrid self paced/live course works: 

My teaching style is actionable  and suitable for multiple learning styles. It involves putting pen to paper and has been said to be "incredibly comprehensive" and a thorough approach to approaching your proposals with a powerful toolkit. 

get an Effective & Actionable Roadmap

Over the course of the 5 modules, lessons are structured so you will learn the concepts, and actionable steps to drive results. Prior live seminars have been recorded for each module. 

get a Toolkit of worksheets, checklists, templates

Go from generic templates, to tailored proposals using editable worksheets to catalyze powerful messaging and shift your mindset. 

get  skimmable proposal page  layouts

Access editable InDesign page layouts for your qualifications, and project delivery that will land you in the shortlist pile.Use these as reference. 

join live seminars 

Every month there will be a new set of live seminars that you and your registered team members can attend. This will also be a chance to ask questions. See below for schedule. 

Access an online Self-Paced Course Platform 

Upon purchase, you will gain week by week access to pre-recorded live seminars, slide decks and editable worksheets and templates for each of the 5-steps.  The course platform will keep it organized for you and other team members to access course materials at any point and revisit content from live seminars. 

Attend live seminars and workshops cycling through ATLAS modules 

To reinforce your understanding, you and your team members are encouraged to attend upcoming live seminars where I will walk you through the concept, and host breakout rooms for workshopping the actions of a particular module together. The live seminars and private breakout rooms, are invaluable for course participants! 

Collaborate with key team members that inform your proposals and get them trained.     

Upon purchase, you will receive a code to share with 2 other users (or more based on the tier you purchase and your needs) so they can also access the course. Additional users are typically members of the marketing team, and key partners and principles who inform the content of proposals. If you need more than 3 users, reach out. For the live seminars, I encourage multiple team members to join and workshop out the content using guided worksheets and templates. 

Bonus: Submit a past proposal that didn't land, and get constructive feedback on how to improve. 

You will have the option to submit deliverables at the end of every module for comment. This is especially helpful while you are working through your Unique Value Proposition, and Storyboard, If you have paid in full, you also get a Bonus RFP Proposal Audit. This helps me establish a baseline for how you respond to proposals, and how you can improve! 

What you will learn in each version of this course will shift your perspective on proposals and result in more WINS, CLARITY and CONFIDENCE. 

  • 3 Clear Action Steps to get to your firm's value proposition.
  • Downloadable Agenda + Worksheets for conducting Team Charrettes to get at your unique value proposition, and core competencies using the people, process, projects framework. 
  • Editable Values Summary Worksheet, and Positioning  Storyboard. 
  • 3 Clear Action Steps to align your value proposition with your client
  • Downloadable Worksheets for Conducting Deep Client Research using the 3 P's framework (People, Process, Projects) 
  • Downloadable worksheets to shift the power dynamic and your mindset, so you can pitch yourself powerfully.
  • Tips to refine your UVP Storyboard towards creating an aligned value proposition, so you can write tailored copy, and present visual case studies that grab the client's attention. 
  • 3 Clear Action Steps to storyboarding your strategic narrative
  • Downloadable Storyboarding Template for your proposal
  • Checklist of Key Diverse Case Study Assets to include in the proposal
  • Key components of a strong and clear project delivery section that the client is always looking for.
  • 3 Clear Action Steps to package it all together into a powerful proposal
  • Learn UI/UX Principles of a client's proposal review process
  • Download In Design Templates for skimmable and clear proposal layouts that pass the User Experience Blur Test.
  • 3 Clear Action Steps to nail that interview pitch!
  • Sample outlines for a streamlined and effective presentations
  • Downloadable Predict Client Personas Worksheet to ensure team chemistry and alignment with the client.
 Before taking this course, I was struggling with articulating the value of our services narrative and project delivery section for making it look as strong as the rest of the proposal. After this roadmap there are more tools and resources to reference.  It was very valuable information and your method of presentation was easy to follow  ~ 

Associate Principal at an award winning architecture, and urban design firm.

 Before this course, I was struggling understanding what clients are looking for and what the process is like on the other side. I now have a better understanding of what clients are looking for. The proposal storyboard templates and charts from Module 3, Layout your Narrative, simplifies the whole proposal process and was the most valuable aspect of the course! 

Marketing Director at an award winning architecture, urban design firm.

Module 1, Articulating your Value Proposition, was my favorite - I thought the group brainstorming session around defining our shared values around our People, Processes and Projects,  allowed us to reflect together on what we collectively represent as our values and why we stand out, which is super helpful in communicating quickly to the client. 

Design Manager 

Please note:

If your firm does business with the City of New York in any way,  please DO NOT purchase this course. Drop me an email if you are confused.  If I foresee a conflict,  I will have to manually  refund you do to a potential conflict of interest. Sorry, and thank you for understanding. Feel free to follow my blog! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I created the ATLAS roadmap so that you can have a winning RFP strategy to put your firm's best self forward. The time you put into this will give you a far more efficient process for all of your RFP’s in telling a powerful story that wins. You need a strategic framework that gives you the best way to feature your value proposition, align yourself to the client in a way they appreciate, and come up with a narrative to weave it into a powerful RFP response or pitch to a client. ATLAS will increase your win rate.

The ATLAS Roadmap increases your chances of being shortlisted when you apply for RFP’s. It also gives you a powerful roadmap to pitch yourself to new clients and bring in more revenue. Your return on investment happens fairly quickly when you win more RFPs or land new projects! I have come up with this framework after being on multiple selection committees where I have had to narrow down to a handful of firms from dozens of submissions from a variety of top design firms. There are key principles across the shortlisted candidates that came across. This toolkit has distilled those best practices into a 5 step process that makes you stand out from the crowd!

I have interviewed large consultant teams and found that the majority of talented designers cannot communicate their expertise to clients in a way that sticks. It’s not rocket science, but rather being strategic and creative that unlocks your real potential to breakthrough. I saw several emerging and well established firms falter in key steps of the process that could have made the difference between sitting within a pile of RFP’s and being shortlisted for an interview. This is why I want to bridge the gap so we can get more diversity in the talent pool by featuring unique firms such as yours!

I will not be drafting the RFP response and putting the final package together. This is not a graphic design or proposal writing service, but you will have the chance for me to give you feedback on any specific questions you have on the course materials. I will not be working on any specific RFPs with you. 

Yes. You will have access to the course platform as it goes from pilot to evergreen over the course of the year. You will also keep access to the community, and can ask each other questions too. The only exception to this is, if for whatever reason, you or your firm starts working with me in my day job, I will have to revoke access to the course for the duration of that time period to prevent a conflict of interest. 

Yes, I will be hosting bi-weekly zoom 'office hours' at a specific time every week after the course is over for atleast 3 months. You can pop in and ask your specific questions. You can also ask tailored questions during the calls for the 5 weeks of the course, or email me or use Marco Polo to ask questions as they pop up. I will be hosting weekly office hours where I will answer questions submitted in advance, or asked live during that time. I will record the sessions for those that miss them. If you are uncomfortable asking a question in a group setting, you can email me and i'll respond back.